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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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sandusky police are not details become sode to a murder suicide. i'm jennifer jordan. two people were found after police say that been fighting allison brown is an sandusky and just backed this evening. this is a disturbing story.
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sandusky, neighbors walkdr their dogs enjoying the sunny day. doesn't under license set five after tragedy at this home. >> the bodies of -- and and to attorney both shut down shortly after won a.m. it was tierney who called 911 asking for help it sandusky policean say it's unclear what the relationship waswh between these two people. neighbors tell me that tierney was at the home often. >> there's one everything was picked off. they don't understand.
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it's hard for anyone to understand something like this. >> calls like that it never easy to do.. it's also rough on the families that aren affected by this. it is a full circle. a tragedy through and through. in go to our website for a link to that. delis tried to raise money for a funeral arrangement. he leaves behind nine -year-old son. is a tragedy in that neighborhood - -. >> our thoughts and prayers are with that wille boy tonight. another tragic story out of dayton where the pastor a churchra was shot and killed during services today.y. can identify the gunmen as the pastor's own brother. this happened at st. peter's missionary baptist baptist church. witnesses they reference william shootereres was walking toward --
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appear and followed him into his office and fired at least two shots appear church members were running for cover when police arrived on the scenece. officers took daniel schuler and custody. we had a gentry command and he sat there for a few minutes and thenen after. he got up and went back and then i heard two shots. >> police say daniel schuler has r trouble path that includes several instances with weapons of them the numbers also say he is suffered from mental health problems.. acura northeast ohio east cleveland police are investigating a deadly shooting at a birthday party. officers responded to call for shots fired around 11 last night and euclid avenue. whenli they arrived they found 18 -year-old daniel ridgway line in the sidewalk with several gunshot wounds. the image crushed him to university hospital where he died from his and he.
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shooting contact. you may remember 45 -year-old james him was killedyo -- which fell while he was driving on the rafter. investigators say he ignored the warning signs and how the security fence and coaster hit him. the park park security procedures already exceed ohioe industry standards and they will not make any changes before the park opens inth may. >> it is not a site you're used tou' seeing here in february. green grass and people on the -- some for a walk along park and others even got their
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>> this is northeast ohio. it's still very nice. 's bills to change is on the way way.s we are gusting to 43 mouse per hour in mansfield. so still a very windy night tonight.ry the rain already on storm fox in our western county. getting ready to push into
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stillco has yet to work its way to the area. it's the paint line of yellow and thatne is the leading edge of the front. they're not expecting rain or snow is we will see some sunshine to get it for another round and check another front on monday evening. i will talk but the coming out. >> it is march on tuesday. can't last too long. from mountains of snow. temperatures in the 60s. an interesting winter.
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one. sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. >> it's crazy but it's cleveland cleveland. you're up. you know whatat the suspect. fall the next day and four seasons in a week. ronnie is worried about that. you never know what you are going to get here in cleveland. that's why he's taking full advantage of the weather in going for run at edgewater park. i knew it was going to be nice
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of the people had the same idea. >> even so jennifer and chris far are still having a great day day. although a day like many, these kind of temperatures will be aroundt four long. >> when i went out to my car to get a couple things come i was actually surprised. this is northeast ohio. it's the capital of inconsistency. sadly it will about its name once again. weatherwise may be the capital of inconsistency, maybe.
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one man's incredible story of survival. is not! ohio mensa might crash is telling his story. and officers first gate on the job. we're now learning about the suspect. a deserving discovery found inside a child's sippy cupo, the warning for periods and how the
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what you don't see is any signs of snap after a spectacular sunday in february. change some horizons good news it's going to be margin a couple of days in a couple of weeks spring c. >> three more weeks, march 20. spring will arrived. and the meteorological spring is march 1. how but we got nhat. that showsth the day away. 64 degrees is the high today. we came so close to a 67 setback in 1939. our normal high is 41 degrees. will get back to normal tomorrow tomorrow. the changesomom are tonight. the cold front person i can't rule out at lake or two and that morning. much coolerts during the afternoon and you really going to know the difference.
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rain or drizzle and snow and wind. kentucky about march classic it's going in with the line ever going toh have a wintry mix. that will continue to work its way to the area tonight. theea quick moving system is out by 7:00 and we are dry at this point. there will be a lot of clouds around. the tha clouds finished by the afternoon so grab your sunglasses because you're going to need themg late afternoon into the evening, the puzzlement back in anden the secondary front pulls through. we could see showers mixing in withth that. >> still a lot of wind out there and winds gusting 15-25 and gust 35. is still going to hear tonight. tomorrow far cry from 54 and it
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this time of year. we will see clouds that start t off and then send turning clouds again and shower late ino as the secondary front pulls through. that's why can't rule reluctant freezing drizzle c very good as slick spots tuesday morning i'm more concerned with two tonight into wednesday morning. the wins will pick up and theonnt area of low pressure will push in. eventually over to all snow. that wednesdays morning commute's will be a story one. the talking but 1-3 inches for everybody. so everybody will see some snow out of there. colder as we get to the talent week. temperatures right around 30 30 degrees on friday.t t and will see lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend and temperatures will rebound nicely back intoto the low and mid 40s.
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a junior police officers first in theer job and in tragedy. she's killed ball responding responding to a house call .. news correspondent christian fischer is in washington with thein details. >> this respect identify it as staff sergeant robert handle ten ten, he decided pentagon and now it's certainly a marine veteran was working her very first shift as a police officer. ashley just been sport on friday and the police department posted picture with the caption both come, officer. they began their shift this weekend, we say. officer was deadr. specea she's not only driven passionate but extreme -- exceedingly intelligent. she struck is that wayex as we interviewed you and that is always step of officernd that we are seeking is that type of passion and intelligence.e two other officers going to call that a domestic disturbancet at a
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south washington, dct. when they approached the front of the suspect opened fire and all three the opposite side of the hospital. the other two are still recovering. as for the suspect, the staff sergeants rendered with other incidents and officers we're able to search and that is how many found his wife dead also found a couple 11 -year-old son scared but not hurt. >> hemsley is facing several charges including first-degree murder of his wife and capital murder of a police officer. this is the first reference -- tragedy for the family, her father, was in the national guard, committed suicide after returning home from the run. know this, the suspects to do in court tomorrow morning. >> three people were injured in a dozen arrested after fight broke out at a planned kkk rally in southern california southern california. thirty say plan had planned at a pet immigration rally with the team white lives matter. and they got out of their cars, counter protesters concurrentagederommiretus,urt eopl
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several fights ensued. >> it is believed that the stat inflicted place at the flagpole put the put the evil decoration on the end of the flag pole. >> five people were injured and the anaheim police department and up arresting 12 people. the police chief said he will take a critical look at how his apartment handled the incident. >> the interestt big dip in the kalamazoo shouldn't spring is making strideses in her recovery. she's now been taken off of a ventilator and is buried not around for the update was posted on our go find me page, which is raised more than $18,000. she was. dead after her heart stopped possibly being brain dead. sixty-four to the definition including abigail's grandmother. >> the us coast guard says 16 reported cuban migrants we're picked up saturday by carnival cruise ship workers in the gulf of mexico.
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posted voters of the rescue to his instagram page.e crews is a legend trip with athlete and musicians on board the ship is traveling from miami to key west to mexico. becauseo it said the rest is like this are not frequent or out of the ordinary and migrants are taking the next port of call for immigration will be waiting for them. >> the bishops. >> supposedly done in retaliation. still to come three young students are accused of doing to a teacher that now has the basing some serious charges. you might have to save up a little bit longer to see mickey and minnie. byan what it will cost more to his of the so-called happiest place on earth. >> up in sports, looking for an upset over iowa. the cavs were sleepwalking in the nation's capital without their star players.
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day way from super tuesday. the candidates are feeling the heat including donald trump for hisi response to a controversial endorsement.or the latest on the road to the white house. plus angel encounter. anpl ohio man said there's no other explanation for why he is still alive. why he is telling
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what they are accused of doing to the teacher that landed them behind bars. and donald trump coming under fire.. bybillionaire candidate is taking heat for his response to a controversial endorsement. >> and you couldn't ask for a better sunday>>. and don't expected to last for long been changes for your work week. fox to news atrk ten continues
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>> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> look back to fox news at 10:00. people still talking about this beautiful sunday, 60 degrees in the second weekend in a row of warmer temperatures. at least we did hit the 60s. that would be super awesome.he that is super awesome. this people and social media said this is such a great day. this is awesome.d i could have seen off some more. it is hilarious. everybody was out and they were doing some walking their dog and -- growing out.- 64 degrees today. we are at 64 in willoughby. 69 degrees in north olmsted. sixty-eightht and solon.
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pete are tracking some showers out towards kerryry. these are very light but it is leading edge of a cold front. that front will get here in the nexta half hour to an hour. let's take a look at what is going on right now on storm fox. it is not coming out for me. let's try magic track. that is working. there we go pick you do have some spot showers here just out to the west of us. the green shade is coming down at ahe pretty good clip. for the most part lots of us are in the light blues and this year on downh toward over toward norwalk, you get a million and the suspect showers inon the ring county. even with north olmsted and onto medina. and we have light showers here to shop down toward lexington in richmond county pits i want time it out here.o
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you can see here to the morning. the deeper shaken the break shades of green.e that is actually front itself. since it's moving with the cold airth is going to take well to catch up to it. and on the tale of this, i will be suppressed surprised if we you likes mixing towardrd geauga and ashtabula county. by the morning commute into the kicks the stuff we are looking good. and beat o cold. and also grab your sunglasses. will likely see a few light sprinkles. i wouldn't be surprised at this freezing rain and drizzle and a few flakes.s. and the system and more concerned about isre this area of low pressure that will push up
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temperatures and will start off as rain. changing over to mix and then young have the blue which is this now and that will be moving in our area tuesday night into wednesdayu morning. so wednesday morning commute could be tricky. 37 degrees and cloudy and windy. the showers have isolated -- forty-five and the showers will be long gone. cinching in the afternoon and tracking another cold front in the evening picnic up in a few more showers along the lake shore. then as we get into march, march it in like a lion. wind, rain, snow mix. not looking like a big deal snowflake buys. you'll see some higher melt up to four with somel higher once again. colder temperatures in the 20s to right around 30s. high pressure in the upcoming weekend. and we are back to normal, little low to mid 40s in and sunshine. we are into march which means that set this a few times, it can't last three ore four weeks a row.
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if historyg is an indicator. >> it is normally pits of the we are done with those major a little more than a day to go intel super tuesday. snap republican front runner donald trump is coming under fire for his response to a controversial endorsement. meantime of the democratic side hillary clinton is looking past bernie sanders tonight think sages to convert the baby anyny of. mike emanuel has the latest. >> on the day the gop front runner receives his senate endorsement by alabamar jeff sessions, the candidate is te getting criticism for his response after the former kkk leader was support for trump. >> i don't know david duke to pick up a map p.m. and at the sure -- i don't want to about them. tweeted duke saying i disavownt and back
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at the new york times calling deep part of the fringe elements elements. >> trunk has nots strongly denounced did. >> we cannot be part of that nominate someone who refuses to condemn white supremacist in the meantime candidates in both parties are now focused on this week's super tuesday contest.nt >> there is no doubt that if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, wednesdayer for a big margins that he may well be unstoppable.ep i don't think that will happen. >> i think the con artist is working on the party of lincoln andthor reagan.
10:36 pm
sanders. trump does rails texas senator ted cruz the lone star state withz 155 delegates up for grabs. in nashville, mike emanuel, fox news. >> donald trump. in columbus on super tuesday. the republican front runner will speak at the international airport. his campaign is riding a wave of momentumn . you can find more information information about tuesday's rally onf ohio governor john kasich said he expects donald trump to sweep all ten states and super tuesday tuesday. john kasich is denying reports that some high-ranking republicans are pressuring him toh-h- drop out of the race. >> nobody is asked them him to drop
10:37 pm
anyway. that never happened in terms of myth trying to tell me what i need to do with my career. >> the governor made those comments thiso morning on meet the press pretty went on to say that no republican has ever won the white white housebl without winning ohio and he expects to win the ohio primary on march 15. >> i think it is credible for anybody is left in the race to be able to win their own state. he can't win your own home state come you need it out. some going to go to n ohio and i've been ohio. if i don't win ohio, it is time to call it over. i am going to win that state and then here off to the races. >> he has yet tobebet n win a state and placed last in the nevada caucuses last week. it is a story of survival that defies logic. an ohio man is like following a terrifying crash and he says the only explanation is an angel. the incredible stories coming ups up.g hold
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or rather your mickey ears. .10 cost you more to visit the happiest place on earth. plus it is the fox 8 guys versus the foxy girls who will reign supreme. the northern ohio hundred dollars -- in the giveaway a chance to win the two-year lease on the 2016 honda cr be. registered to -- and the contest runs until march 6.
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do you believe in angels we can now count one ohio man among the believers. he said there's no earthly explanation for why he is still alive. we have his incredible story. >> the entire carcass engulfed in flames. >> i can see the tires literally melting. >> and horrific accident and
10:42 pm
thousands of running to the car. >> with this seatbelts duck and door jammed, all he could do was watchucuc the consuming heat. >> the windshield for smelting and drifting and the passenger window is closing in the car. >> literally liquefying before his very eyes as seen in this picture. >> about myself i'm not going to get out of here. then a stranger. police of a scruffy looking men who'd easily open to the smashed door. he reached in, to be out.
10:43 pm
thed car. >> justr for the car exploded in flames. i could still see god. he said what is your name and i said my name is john. he saidtiy i am johnny. the police are almost here. i can't be here when they get here but you're goingt to be okay okay. >> that johnny was gone well past or boston was rushed to hospital where the questions began. w >> that area and never lost power. mellinger have ever been able to touch theo car. i shouldn't have survived. >> potentially over 10,000 volts of electricity, stunning even better in columbus firefighters. >> i can dispense with the transformer on the car in the car on fire.rm that's probably one of the worst ones that wet could roll up on. it is like a firework show. >> people try to rationalize what happened maybe the circuit
10:44 pm
slipped because he has a pass. they are designed to reset themselves in the electricity was clearly courseem into the vehicle when help arrived. >> the person who touches that carp , he would be electrocuted. >> this video shows other cases of transformers blowing up, making rescue attempts extremely complicated.. >> he's going to jump away from the car and shut thatfr your feet and follow this procedure. >> that if that happened with pastor boston, leaving the young husband and father was the only one conclusion. >> i don't think angels always come to us with brings in white robes and bright shining lights. i think they come as help and that's whatm i had that day. >> according to an associated press poll, 77 percent of americans believe in angels. encounters up and reported in
10:45 pm
hearing across the plane state.e. pastor boston's it is in care pits support him but his heavenly encounter ist already having an earthly impact. >> i'm are sensitive to making the difference in people's lives in the city and i serve. and i want to be an angel for thema. >> is in stratford, fox 8 news. >> 11 months after the accident, pastors his cognition has increased his efforts to feed the hungry and they're putting a large mission tripip. >> middle school students facing some very serious charges. >> they are accused of doingr all reportedly to get back and a teacher. ander a disturbing discovery. the warning this couple is for periods after a popular baby product.. folks, don't go anywhere. for talking but the cavaliers in the auto show.r
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felony charges accused of spiking their teachers soda. the girls all aged 12 remain locked up a juvenile detention and investigators had to stick to the girls were crushed red pepper flakes into the teachers drink while another distracted herra. the teachers for a sore throat, stomach pains,at and shortness of breath. investigators believe it was in retaliation after the teachereri sent one of the girls the principal's office for dump glue and another student's backpack pick up and organ is setting one each other. 's tonight after finding mold in their kids sit be cops. sarah wright said she thought this particular brand of civic ups after reading good reviews.go her husband saw story online about moles stuck in the stoppers picture nothing toward open and found the same thing and the cops. their twin daughters have been breezy out of.
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>> my kids have been kind of having colts so i thought maybe that is why orha are they going to get sick from this. i've only had a four months. >> the company, tommy to become plays on redesigning the product which will be available in a couple of months.w >> hold onto your mickey had spit it will cost you more to visit disney world and disneyland resort in california and florida now church three different places depending on the time of year for single day. tickets the calendar will be divided into value, regularar, and people periods. the monday during fiscal year willeohe actually talk to $95.5. however really pass for most into the summeral goes up to $105. the price of than she was up to $112 on the days. that includes most of december and spring break break weeks in july weekend.
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i was hurt the best we can go as the week before thanksgiving. not a holiday. weather is so good in florida. >> not anymore. >> could be a side of the times. still to come to you've heard of selfie sticks.ks but has the stop in their tracks in new york city and social media buzzing. the basketball game instead final second and a lopsided affairo in the nation's capital
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selfie sticks are certainly popular these days. they really melts -- meant for smart phones until now now. to click this.
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isse you can imagine people in towns where were confused and social media lit up with many thinking this is the latest tech craze thati was a brain and the artist was making fun of selfies and selfie sticks and everything else.s >> he put it out there. lebron james did not play and he was given the day off to rest. the defense to have to rest as well. irving stepped up. and he hits the three. he tookok it inside and had. they lead by 4. it took advantage of a day of rest.. the cavs give up 62 points in the half andg third quarter washington up 17 and looking for more.up
10:55 pm
had a triple double. twenty-one points and 13 assists assists. lost two straight. theyey will use this 1113-99. >> we were a step slow coming off our defensive breakdown. for them coming in and playing small ball, it's a lot of mismatch opportunities opportunity -- got to stay locked in -- home games against ranked opponents have not been a good combination for the ohio state buckeyes dating back to last march. sunday uc at different story. the buckeyes all day long. and they get the puck is to lead late. that one last chance for iowa. comes up the big block underneath. that's at the hawkeyes 58-54. much-needed win. browns on the market for pierce they will not be training for 40 niners quarterbackce capital.
10:56 pm
training oned saturday for multiple reports indicating thats he's interested in making a deal deal.'s it will be fully guaranteed on april 1 pick ohio state offensive and may have front himself the top of the nfl draft in late april. an nfl analyst believes that thatly was enough to get him to the top theet draft board in april april. it is now official. -- is a memberl. of the cleveland indians. hehe signed a one-year deal for the upcoming seasonon. he is 36 years old and has a batting average of 256 and 192. they split the 2015 season. the los angeles dodgers and atlanta braves.
10:57 pm
series of the new york mets. >> when he was playing for the white sox, how is like to play at crescent field. a dozeno -- i don't know why. he had.h good games that is one of the things that he feels excited over like be able to play there. >> that was him translated. and the cavs, welcome i was not been taken. let's hope they rebound tomorrow pacers in town.wn >> what is wrong with just taking a rest at this time, the season,. >> they will wrap up the season.
10:58 pm
a quick look at the forecast. we have a cold front pushing and tonight and it is definitely changing our forecast. we look like we will be dry for much of the day tomorrow and another dose of rain coming in after dinner. more concerned about tuesday night and wednesday. >> thanks. >> i felt time we have our fox 8 news atf 1040 crews here at 4.
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the cavaliers are leaking a little oil the browns are looking for a quarterback and the rizzo show starts now. >> unscripted, uncensored, unpredictable. fox 8 cents the rizzo show and now your host tony rizzo. >> there is the applause. i thought maybe we didn't have a studio audience. that would've been embarrassing. >> welcome to the oscar award-winning edition of the rizzo show. we will talk about quarterbacks and of course 9-inch hands. resonance out of the auto show. they've you've heard of that.


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